Thursday, June 29, 2006

One Cute Foster Kitten... You Can Have One Too!


Hey everyone,
this is Husky :)

I just picked her up from Toronto Humane Society a few days ago. I'm really lucky to have her individually without the whole litter 'cuz I'm afraid too many lil kittens would bother Tasha.

Well, to be honest, Tasha has been rather insecure with the presence of Husky. I hope she'll get used to it soon.

Sometimes it's sad to think of these cats and kittens. In a way, they are orphans, waiting for reaching hands to give them a home and shower them with love. In our perception, we sometimes think dogs are better than cats. I'd say that is because we don't know cats that well. Perhaps this doesn't apply to everyone. But it surely does apply to me. I've never owned a pet cat before in my life. I've only owned rabbits, turtles, birds, guinea pigs, squirells, fish, and of course dogs. Back home, cats are normally not kept as pets. They live outside on their own, reproducing until overpopulating our country. At times, they can be a bit of a trouble. STealing foods from people's houses, making noises at night, and even carry bacteria around since they are not well-kept [read: dirty].

In Canada, it's all different. I've only realised it after I became their foster volunteer. Taking these cats and kittens into my place have been one of my greatest experience during the summer. They need a place to stay for a while before they can be adopted. And I'm happy to care for them and provide them with the love they deserved.

If you like animals, why not spare a moment of your time and become a foster parent? Everything is covered and you'll be guaranteed that satisfaction of accomplishing a task as a foster parent. You can even chek out the list of foster animals here.

Tasha 'n Husky

*Did you know* Cat's purr is believed to make us relax and reduce blood pressure :)


Blogger JuliaMazal said...

your kitten pics are so cute, i can't stand it! i adopted my cat from the humane society a few years ago. thanks for sharing your adorable pics!

9:49 PM  

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