Sunday, June 11, 2006

Please welcome....



Hey everyone, my name is Tasha :)
I'm 7 years old and have trouble walking due to my weak hind legs. However, my new foster parent, Ceendy, is kind enough to take me home to see if I'm well enough for adoption.

I love my newly found haven here with my foster. I got plenty of loving caresses, which I very much enjoy.

My favorite spots are the carpet where I can roll my back, behind the computer desk where my foster foster is working, and on the chair next to my foster which she specially provide for me :) I am one happy cat now !

However, what lies ahead in the future, I cannot foresee. I hope after a month someone will drop by at the Toronto Humane Society and adopt me into an equally comfortable home ;)

Tasha - Lookin' at you
One of my favorite spots


Anonymous mae said...

Hi Tasha! Well, you do look pretty snug there on your comfy chair.

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tashaaaaaa ... she's soooooo fat at least her pic makes her look fat hehehehe

Hmmmm Isn't it nice to have a pet in your care? nfortnately, I'm allergic to cats hehehehehe ... I'm a dog person by choice huHAEuHAUHEAHeA ..

1:09 AM  

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